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Eliminating Stress and Manual Steps to Speed Up Sales and Save Time

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Solutions Success Story with Dione Milauskas

Dione Milauskaus, owner of Prediabetes Nutrition, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, and blood sugar expert

Say hello to Dione! She is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, blood sugar expert, and someone who learned to successfully live with prediabetes in a simple, satisfying, and non-restrictive way.

She turned what she learned into a business called Prediabetes Nutrition where she helps people all over the world lower their blood sugar with her tried and true, scientifically-backed techniques.

Dione’s passion is infectious, so it was no wonder her business has been booming!

“My business has really taken off over this last year, which is exciting. But spending time with my family is my number one priority in life,” Dione told me.

Unfortunately, each step of her client onboarding process had to be done manually, so the administrative work really started adding up.

My youngest son gets home early from Kindergarten and it was getting really hard to finish everything before he got off the bus. I was working at night, I was working on the weekends, and I just needed to figure out a way that I could get more time back.”

Dione thought her only options were to increase her virtual assistant’s workload and salary, or to absorb the work herself and spend less time with her clients and family.

Luckily, a colleague of Dione’s introduced the two of us and I helped her find a third option!

Before Streamlining

Here is what Dione’s operations looked like before we streamlined and added automation:

Dione had a straightforward two-part onboarding process to track and ensure each new client made their payment and e-signed the contract before receiving a welcome email asking them for more information and inviting them to her private online community.

While the process was simple, it was entirely manual and required Dione or her assistant to track and manage each step. Anytime she was out of the office and her virtual assistant wasn't available, she worried about how long clients were waiting to get started in her program.

Plus, with the time it took to onboard each client, she feared it would put a cap on the number of people she could help.

“Streamlining my application process was definitely one area where I knew that a little bit of an investment upfront would pay off in leaps and bounds in the future.”

Dione Milauskuas, her husband, and two children in nature

The Solutions Implemented

After diving into Dione’s systems, uncovering her pain points, and identifying areas to streamline, here are the solutions we implemented:

I set up payment links and added them to Dione's existing website so potential clients can sign up and get started immediately. I also added an intake form to ensure clients provide all of their information up-front and are no longer asked to do so in their welcome email.

I created a Zapier automation so every time a new client completes the new checkout process on Dione’s website, a new contract is customized and sent via email for the client’s review and e-signature. The client’s information will also be added to Dione's internal tracker.

I created another Zapier automation so that after each new client signs their contract, they receive a welcome email with their invitation to join Dione’s private online community, and the internal tracker is updated to show that client has signed their contract.

“I liked how you would suggest things, of course in a very nice, never pushy way, but if you saw an opportunity for something to be even more streamlined, you would suggest it. And I love that because I'm always looking for ways to improve my business. I'm only one person, and I don't know everything that’s out there.”

Dione Milauskas and her husband standing in the grassy

After Streamlining

“Implementing these things definitely gave me a lot of time back in my life.” Dione estimates it eliminated 15-30 minutes of manual work for each new client being onboarded and getting started in her program.

“It reduced a lot of stress and anxiety that I had whenever it came to onboarding a new client, because now I could do it a lot faster and worry-free. I knew that my clients were going to have everything that they needed to get started.

Plus, I love that it’s now easier for my clients to apply and get started. They don't have to wait for me for anything - It's like, boom, I drop the link, they click it, and then they go on about their day and I go on about my day, and then they're in the program. That was a huge bonus!”

These updates ultimately allowed Dione to expand her program offering, increase her prices, and help even more people take control of their blood sugar.

“I just love that my whole onboarding system is totally hands-off and that's exactly what I envisioned. I'm just so pumped. Thank you, Lauren!”


I loved working with Dione and helping her get back more of her time, while still allowing her to grow her business and reach people all over the world.

She and her clients are busy people, and these newly streamlined systems help them get through the administrative work quickly and painlessly so they can spend more time focusing on their health and wellness.

If you’d like to see how automation has the potential to save you time and streamline your business, schedule a free consultation and let’s talk!

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