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6 Ways to Get iPhone Reminders at the Exact Right Time

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Small business owners can't afford to forget anything, but we are usually juggling so many tasks that it can be challenging to keep it all straight.

And while I have my systems in place, which include a written Passion Planner and digital project management tools, I’m not always in front of my desk or planner - and that’s when things are likely to slip through the cracks.

Thankfully, a certain hand-held mobile device that is pretty much always by my side can easily set up precise and timely reminders!

Yes, I’m talking about iPhone reminders, and in recent years, the IOS operating system has added some incredible features that allow you to dial in the exact time when, and location where you will receive reminders.

Plus, everything can be done using voice commands!

So as soon as you remember something, even if your hands are full, you’re driving, or you’re just not near your planner, you can use your phone to remind you.

Remind me when I get to a location

Sometimes, you don’t know exactly when you’re going to need a reminder, but you know where you’re going to need it.

For instance, you may want to ask a client about something when you get to their office, or you need to remember to pick something up when you go to a specific store.

This is when location reminders are perfect! Using your iPhone’s voice assistant, you can say, “remind me when I get to [LOCATION NAME] to [YOUR REMINDER].”

For location names, you can use personal ones that are programmed into your phone, like Home, Work, or someone from your contact list (as long as they have an address included), or public stores and venues, like Costco or Safeway.

Your phone will even list the closest store locations so you can select which one you’d like to trigger the reminder.

If you prefer to enter reminders by hand, there’s a “Location” option in the “Details” section of the reminder where you can select the location where your reminder will appear.

Remind me when I get in or out of the car

On those days when you’re juggling all the things, you might need a reminder that’s based on when you’re in or out of the car.

For example, you might need to call your child’s school while driving to your next meeting, or you don’t want to forget to respond to that important message as soon as you stop driving.

As long as your car has Bluetooth, and automatically connects to your phone, you can use that connection and disconnection as a trigger for reminders. If you use the voice assistant, you can say, “remind me when I [GET IN / OUT] of my car to [YOUR REMINDER]."

If you prefer to enter reminders by hand, there’s a “Location” option in the “Details” section of the reminder where you can select from the “Getting In” or “Getting Out” options.

Remind me of THIS at a certain time

When you’re in the middle of something on your phone but get called away, ask your iPhone to remind you later so you don’t forget.

For instance, maybe you read a text message or email and you don’t have time to respond at that moment, or you found an amazing website you want to remember to come back on the weekend.

When this happens, make sure the message, email, website, etc. is pulled up on your phone screen when you activate the voice assistant and say, “remind me of this [WHEN].”

I believe this only works with Apple apps like iMessage, Mail, Safari, etc. and only while using the voice assistant feature.

Remind me while messaging someone

If you’ve ever said, “the next time I talk to so-and-so, I have to remember to tell them…”, then I’m happy to share there’s a reminder for that!

So the next time you think of something at an obscure hour or don’t have time to send a long text at that moment, you can ask the voice assistant to, “remind me when I message [NAME OF CONTACT] to [YOUR REMINDER].”

Now, you’ll receive a reminder notification the next time you’re messaging with this person.

If you prefer to enter reminders by hand, there’s a “When Messaging” option in the “Details” section of the reminder where you can select the person that will trigger the reminder.

Remind me on a date and time

When it’s something important you absolutely cannot forget, a reminder on a specific date and time can help.

For example, you may want a reminder 6 months before your passport expires so you can start the renewal process, or a reminder the morning of your friend’s big business meeting so you can wish them good luck.

This is when a simple date and time reminder comes in handy. With voice assistant, you can say, “remind me on [DATE] at [TIME].”

If you prefer to enter reminders by hand, there are “Date” and “Time” options in the “Details” section of the reminder where you can select the exact date and time to receive your reminder.

Remind me every week, month, etc.

Sometimes, you may want to set up a recurring reminder for those things that come up on a regular basis.

For instance, you might want a reminder on the 30th of each month to reconcile your business expenses, or a reminder to check your social media accounts each evening at 5 PM.

To set up a recurring reminder, tell your iPhone voice assistant to “remind me every [HOW OFTEN] at [TIME] to [YOUR REMINDER].”

If you prefer to enter reminders by hand, or if you want to get more detailed with your recurring reminder, check out the options in the “Details” section of the reminder.


I use these iPhone reminders every day in both my business and personal life, and they have truly been a lifesaver.

If you’d like a cheat sheet to help you remember all these different types of reminders, I put one together for you.

And if you’re looking for more ways to streamline and simplify your day-to-day operations, I can help!

My services include eliminating manual steps, setting up automations, and helping you maximize the technology you’re already using.

If you’re ready to take back your time, schedule a Discovery Call with me and let’s get started.

For more business tips and information to help save you time, money, and headaches, be sure to subscribe to my email list and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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